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Who is Railroad Boy?

When I was in grade school, my father allowed me to help him build a classic 4x8 HO layout in our basement. Our track plan was a simple loop with a couple of sidings, a small yard, and a reversing section across the middle of the layout. A pair of power packs and a control panel with block switching allowed us to run two trains at the same time. Our locos included a Mantua 0-4-0 Shifter and a 4-axle diesel with rubber band drive. Rolling stock consisted mainly of Athearn blue box and Varney kits. Nothing but the best for us!

In the early 1960's the layout moved with us to a new house, but we never even got to the point of adding scenery before both my father and I lost interest. Sadly, like many beginner layouts, ours eventually ended up in the city dump.

After nearly five decades away from model railroading, I jumped back into the hobby in a small way in 2009. I was determined to construct a small layout that I could bring to a mostly finished state in a reasonable length of time. This web site describes the progress I've made on my 48" x 32" N-scale layout.

Jeff DeTray
Jeff DeTray

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